Creative Visualization

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How is visualization used in self-hypnosis?

Creative Visualization

In 1978, a book called Creative Visualization was first published. It has been in print ever since. Some people still think the word "creative" when they hear "visualization". This is one of the important books in the self-help movement. I recently attended a talk by the author, Shakti Gawain, and audience members stood up to volunteer ways in which the book had helped them.

Shakti Gawain points out that ideas always precede action, creation, or change. Change occurs on a deep, meaningful level, not just by positive thinking. You use visualization to achieve goals but also to form your thinking process so that you will be more creative.

In the process we use in this book, visualization reinforces the suggestion that we are using to reach our goal. In essence, you tell yourself what you want, then you see yourself doing it. In this way, you do, in fact, use visualization to create change.

We put the major emphasis on the suggestion and follow it with visualization, but if you want to tilt it more toward the visualization, you can do that. People learn in different ways.



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