Watch Yourself

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Can I use visualization separately to achieve my goal?

Watch Yourself

In self-hypnosis, follow your suggestion with visualization. Use visualization to reinforce your suggestion. Make that suggestion even stronger by visualizing it working for you.

See yourself relaxing and feeling confident at work.

See yourself making that perfect golf swing you just suggested to yourself.

See yourself refusing a cigarette.

See yourself choosing healthy food.

Whatever your suggestion is, visualize it working for you. You can visualize by seeing inside yourself and feeling how you would feel.

You can practice visualization separately by feeling how you want to feel in a given situation. Stay away from anything negative. Visualize positive things in positive situations. Don't worry about what you would actually say in the situation. Project your feeling for it--your positive energy.

Practive visualizing yourself in a pleasant environment, as in guided imagery. Practice visualizing the success of your self-hypnosis goal.

You can pull out the visualization and use it right before the event or situation your suggestion is for.

If you have not given yourself a post-hypnotic suggestion to relax, you can use your visualization of relaxing and being confident when a difficult situation arises at work. See yourself making that perfect golf swing just before you address the ball. Visualize yourself refusing a cigarette if you're in a sistuation where you may be offered one. See yourself choosing the healthy food options when you're in a restaurant.

Once you've programmed yourself with self-hypnosis, you can reinforce your resolve with visualization as the situation arises.



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