Just Imagine

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How can I visualize if I don't see pictures?

Just Imagine

The word "visualization" may turn you off. Many people believe they have failed at visualization because they can't conjure up a full-scale moving picture.

Think instead of imagining the situation--the successful suggestion. Everybody imagines. We do it all the time. You don't have to mentally see an image.

Some people do see pictures, even colorful, moving ones. Others just think about the picture and get an impression of it. Even when you fill out the situation with sounds and smells, you may just get an impression of the activity. You feel that you are there or can see it, though you don't have an actual picture before you.

Not being adept at visualizing actual pictures won't interfere with your success in self-hypnosis. Just imagine yourself in a situation where the suggestion is successful.

Remember, your brain shows the same sort of activity when you imagine something as when you actually do it. That's true however you use your imagination.



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