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The Pendulum

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How can I ask my subconscious yes or no questions?

The Pendulum

Here is a technique you can use to help with goal setting. It is especially useful when you are deciding between potential goals. But you don't have to confine it to just goal setting. It can be used any time you want a yes or no answer to a question about what you should do or what choice to make.

Here are some examples. Should you make a certain investment? Will you enjoy a certain class? Should you buy that dress? Which of two gyms should you join (ask separately about each)?

This technique helps you reach your subconscious to see what it is you really want. Are there other forces at work? That's up to you to decide.

Here is the procedure. First, get your pendulum. You can buy one or make your own. To make a pendulum, use a string and a small, heavy object like a fishing sinker. Cut a piece of string about 8 inches long, and tie the weight on one end. If you want to use a light jewelry chain, for instance, and it's longer than 8 inches, just hold it further down. Use any small weight as long as it is symmetrically balanced.

Now hold the free end of the string lightly with your thumb and first two fingers and put your elbow on a desk or table roughly waist high or a little higher. Hold your forearm almost vertical, and bend your wrist so the weight hangs straight down.

Next, concentrate on a question you want to ask yourself. This should be a yes or no question. Let's say you want to know: Should I take the investment class at Central College this summer?

Stay motionless. Do not move your hand or arm, or your body. Just shift your eyes to the weight and concentrate on the question. Decide before-hand that yes will be back and forth, no will be sideways, and a circular motion will indicate undecided.

Give it a few seconds to work. You will be surprised at the results as you see the weight move a little, or a lot, without you consciously making it do so by moving your hand, blowing on it, or any other obvious physical movement.

You can ask both sides of a question, that is, should I do a, then should I do b. In the example, if the answer is no, you may want to ask if you should take the class at another time, or if you should look for another class. If you have used the I Ching, where you do not ask yes or no questions, you will find this easier, though not as comprehensive.

With a little practice with your pendulum, you will have an extremely useful tool for discerning your true desires and aptitudes. Besides, it's fun.



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