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Psychological Problems

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Should I go to a psychologist or a hypnotist for psychological problems?

Psychological Problems

Sometimes you may have psychological problems that interfere with your life. If you like the hypnosis approach and philosophy, but can't get results that are as good as you want with self-hypnosis, or feel you need outside help with that problem, look for a psychologist who is also a hypnotist.

Ask the psychologist about his credentials and training as a hypnotist. A weekend course doesn't make someone a great hypnotist, just because they have a degree in psychology.

Certain psychological conditions require medical care. Psychoses needs to be controlled with medication and therapy. The rather common bipolar disorder (formerly called manic-depression) requires medication and hypnosis is certainly not a substitute for medical treatment.

Depression is part of life. We are all depressed now and then. You can usually use self-hypnosis to cheer yourself up by concentrating on the positive aspects of your life or dealing with the cause of the depression. If depression drags on, if you don't know its cause, or if it keeps you from your ordinary activities, it's time to see a doctor. Serious depression can be treated with drugs and cognitive behavior therapy. Aerobic exercise also helps alleviate depression, so get out and walk if you're feeling down.

Self-hypnosis works well for breaking bad habits, getting over many phobias, and reducing stress and anxiety. You don't need to go into therapy for every little personality quirk. In fact, you might want to keep some of them.



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