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Other Hypnotherapists

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Are all hypnotherapists psychologists?

Other Hypnotherapists

There are hypnotists and hypnotherapists in private practice who are not psychologists or medical doctors. They offer services to deal with the kinds of problems we discuss here for self-hypnosis as well as some that we might refer to psychologists.

Some psychologists don't like these hypnotherapists much. They feel they don't have the proper training to solve these problems or to handle someone who might freak out during the session. I have not heard of anyone freaking out, but people may get emotional during hypnotherapy.

The hypnotherapists often think the psychologists just do hypnosis as a sideline and don't do it as well as someone whose entire practice is hypnotherapy.

Some of these non-medical hypnotherapists are pretty good. Some are very good with smoking cessastion, for instance, and you might want to try seeing one, though you should try do-it-yourself first.

Although there is no licensing requirement for hypnotherapists, there are schools, professional organizations, and certifications. Where did he get his training and how long did he study? Check out the school. Is it hands-on or correspondence? How long has the individual or his company been in practice? How long have they been in your city? Can you call some of their customers to see how they liked the treatment? How long will it take to solve your problem? It shouldn't be a matter of years. Can you have a few sessions and then continue on your own with self-hypnosis? If not, why not? Be satisfied with the answers and have confidence in the practitioner before you give them your money.

I don't want to be too harsh. Some of these practitioners are very good and will really help you. Maybe you should ask the same questions of the psychologist.

Beware of someone with a PhD in hypnotherapy. These often require a few months and some money. In other words, you buy the degree. People with conventional PhDs get very annoyed with this.



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