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Stand-alone Stress Reduction

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Can I use self-hypnosis just for stress reduction?

Stand-alone Stress Reduction

Stress reduction is part of any self-hypnosis program. You learn to relax. For most people this goes along with the other goals for which they use self-hypnosis. However, it may be that for some people, stress reduction is their first and perhaps only goal in learning self-hypnosis.

Why would this be? You might have a stress-related illness that doesn't respond to other treatment. (As we've said, most illness is stress related.) You might also be suffering from anxiety, either self- or professionally diagnosed. Extreme anxiety can be debilitating.

Yes, self-hypnosis for stress reduction does work for these problems. If you are under medical care for physicall illness or anxiety, make sure you tell your health practitioner you are doing self-hypnosis.

If your problems are less severe, stress reduction through self-hypnosis is a great do-it yourself way to reduce your anxiety level.

Here's how to do it. You can use just the induction and trance termination in the induction chapter, or induction, relaxation, and trance termination. Just sit quietly and enjoy the feeling of relaxation for a while before you terminate the trance. You don't have to come up with a script. When you see how well self-hypnosis for stress and anxiety reduction works for you, you may want to use it for other goals as well.



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