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A Common Need

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Why is self-hypnosis for stress so popular?

A Common Need

Stress reduction may be the most common use for self-hypnosis, especially as it is also contained in programs for other conditions.

Modern life is full of stresses. Not only does there seem to be increasing job expectations and family duties, but air and noise pollution are everywhere. We are far from the environment in which humans first developed.

More and more people don't get enough rest. Lack of sleep can affect situations as diverse as psychological depression and highway safety. Chronic diseases increase, even as some of the old plagues are conquered or contained by modern medicine.

Unlike many self-help programs, self-hypnosis does not concentrate on making you rich. There is already too much materialism in the world, and it leads to increased stress. You can set goals that involve success in your endeavors, which will give you a comfortable, happy life. If you only concentrate on making money, it may require forcing other people to do your will, and self-hypnosis cannot do that. You just increase your stress.

Take charge of your life and concentrate on achieving goals that will really make you happy and fulfilled. If that includes making a lot of money, especially if you share it with others, so be it. Live long and prosper.



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