About the Induction

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How do you go into self-hypnosis?

About the Induction

The induction is what gets you into the state of hypnosis, that is, the trance. There are many different inductions. Some are very quick. In fact, there are so many potential inductions, it's not possible to list them all.

Remember, in hypnosis we want to divert the conscious mind so that we can get through to the subconscious, which is where change will be made. One way to do this is through shock or surprise. This is, of course, difficult to do if you are hypnotizing yourself.

The preferred type of induction for self-hypnosis is relaxation and repetition. We are going to get around the conscious mind by fatiguing it so it lets down its vigilance.

Our standard hypnotic induction, used here, centers on relaxation and is rather lengthy. When you are more experienced, you will be able to put yourself into a hypnotic trance quickly, using a method of your choice. Or you can continue to use the longer routine we present next.

Remember, we are going to divert the conscious mind. One way to do that is to bore it, so it's not necessary to do anything clever or novel as an induction.



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