Standard Induction

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What is the best way to enter self-hypnosis?

Standard Induction

Here is a standard induction we use for self-hypnosis, which you can use or revise or replace with another induction. This is a good one to use when you are learning, and even later. You can record the script or have someone read it to you. Most likely, you will just run through it in your mind. Read it over several times. Just go through the routine. You don't have to repeat the exact words. Note that you are not asleep. It is just traditional to use the word "sleep" for entering the state of hypnosis, and it works nicely in an induction.

Fix your eyes on a spot on the ceiling or high on the wall. Pick one that doesn't require you to tilt your head back. Look at that spot and nothing else. Now take a deep breath, let it out slowly, and say to yourself silently: Sleep now. Take a second deep breath, let it out, and repeat: Sleep now. Now take a third deep breath. Sleep now. As you finish breathing out for the third time, let your eyelids close and breathe quietly and feel your eyelids growing heavy. Your facial muscles are relaxing and your eyelids grow so heavy that you don't know if you could open them if you tried. But you don't want to try. You are so comfortable and relaxed, sitting there with your eyelids closed and heavy.



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