Eye Fixation

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What do I look at during a hypnotic induction?

Eye Fixation

Eye fixation is part of many inductions. In our standard induction, we fix our eyes on a spot on the ceiling.

You can choose anything that works for you for eye fixation. A candle works very well. Just make sure it's set up safely and is not going to burn out or tip over while you're watching it. The stereotypical pendulum or pocket watch you see in pictures works too. You will have to suspend it yourself, as you will not have the mysterious literary hypnotist there to swing it for you.

Think about an interesting, intricate design you might have on a picture or poster. Something that has different facets or colors can be sufficient to be used for an induction itself.

If you have trouble concentrating, it will be helpful to just sit for a few minutes and stare at something. Choose something natural, like an orange or a flower, so you can look at the different planes and shades of color. Add another minute or so each time. You will improve your concentration and powers of observation. You will probably slip into a light trance, but you can come out of it easily.

You can use one of these eye fixation techniques as an induction when you get more comfortable with self-hypnosis. If you are a beginner, use it as part of our standard induction, as the spot on the ceiling.



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