Handshake Induction

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What is the handshake induction?

Handshake Induction

This induction is a variant of a technique popularized by the famous hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson. It is called the "handshake" technique because of the position of the hand at the beginning.

Extend your hand in front of you as though you were going to shake someone's hand. It's rather a limp handshake, because your wrist is very loose. You can either close your eyes or fix your eyes on your hand. It's up to you.

You will notice that you have a lot of options in self-hypnosis. There are many "right" ways. This makes sense, because everyone has different preferences and experiences, so trying to force everyone into the same mold is unrealistic. You are in charge.

After assuming the handshake position, hold your hand out and pay attention to your breathing. Then notice how your hand is dangling in midair. Imagine different ways your arm might be suspended, such as floating in water or being suspended by balloons.

When you're ready, notice that your arm is beginning to feel heavy. You may want to count backward from 20, feeling your hand get heavier.

Any movement in your arm makes you more comfortable. If your hand falls in your lap as you finish counting, you will enter a trance. If your hand decides to go up and touch your face instead, that will signal you are in a trance. If your hand is still extended in front of you, you can finish the induction where you began it and continue on with the rest of your session.

You will notice that Erickson is not too strict, but allows you to use what works best for you. You shouldn't be too strict with yourself either.



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