Progressive Relaxation

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Can I use a relaxation routine as an induction?

Progressive Relaxation

You can use relaxation as an induction. Instead of just using your mind to relax various body parts, this time we will use the technique called progressive relaxation. The theory is that you can relax deeper if you first tense the muscle involved and then relax it, so that is what we will do.

Most people like to go from foot to head, but you can go from head to foot if you prefer. They both work.

Use as many increments as you can. For instance, tense your toes first, then your feet, then your ankles, rather than tensing them all as one unit.

This takes a little practice, as it is easier to separately control some muscles than others. You may be able to tense each finger separately, or you may choose to tense them all together. It's hard to tense your scalp, but you can tense your forehead and your jaw. Wiggle your ears if you can.

You may decide you're bored with this and want to get though it more quickly by tensing groups of muscles.

Don't forget to breathe! Breathe in when you tense your muscles. Breathe out when you relax. Take at least one breath between tensings to let the relaxation sink in.

When you finish this induction, survey your body and relax any area that seems tight. Then go on to the deepening and continue your session.



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