Sticky Hands

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Is there an induction that involves pressing your hands together?

Sticky Hands

You have to do this induction in a sitting position. Close your eyes. Sit up straight and press your hands together, in any position you choose.

Press the palms of your hands together tightly, as you tell yourself your hands are beginning to stick together. Feel all the surfaces of your palms touching each other. Do you feel your hands getting warm?

Try to pull your palms apart, and you will find they are stuck together. See if you can concentrate on your hands and make them feel cooler.

When you are ready, tell yourself your hands will no longer stick together. Drop your shoulders and relax your hands so they just fall into your lap. Feel them cooling off. Continue with your session. Breathe normally for this one.

As an alternative to the sticky palms induction, interlace your fingers and try to pull your hands apart with the same routine. When you are ready, spread your fingers and let your hands come apart.



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