Quick Inductions

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Is it possible to do an induction quickly?

Quick Inductions

There are a number of quick inductions you can use when you are proficient in self-hypnosis.

You can use the quick relax routine as an induction.

You can give yourself a post-hypnotic suggestion. Here's how it works. Use the standard induction plus some relaxation. Give yourself the suggestion: I enter this wonderful state of relaxation every time I count backward from twenty to one. (Use something you're not likely to do by accident.) Repeat this over several days.

You can use a quick induction with a regular suggestion, or when you just want to spend a little time in a relaxing trance. This is especially useful at times when you haven't had enough sleep or are going to have to be awake and alert at a time you're not used to.

Here's one more example, though you can come up with your own.

Sit behind a desk or table. Put your fingertips of both hands on the desk. Feel one hand becoming very light and the other becoming heavier and heavier. It doesn't matter if your hands actually move, though it's fun if they do. Then take a deep breath, drop your shoulders, and put your hands in your lap. Feel your hands tingling as the energy moves through them. Then continue with your session.

The advantage of quick inductions and relatively brief self-hypnosis sessions is that you are more likely to do them.



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