Do It Yourself

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Why should I make my own self-hypnosis recording?

Do It Yourself

Recording your self-hypnosis session works very well for most people. You can record the whole session as given in this book, with induction, relaxation, deepening, and adding the suggestion you write yourself. Then leave yourself a time for visualization and do a trance termination.

Write your suggestion out longhand. Just tell yourself to visualize the outcome. Don't do literal instructions. Give yourself a few minutes and add the trance termination.

Make your own recording, and it will truly be self-hypnosis, tailored just for you.

If you don't want to record your session, use the key word approach. It works just as well, but you don't have the exact wording. It's your preference.

See the section on suggestions for more on using the key word approach and delivering the suggestion.



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