Buying Recordings

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What hypnosis recordings are available for sale?

Buying Recordings

There are many hypnosis recordings for sale on any number of topics. Here's a random sample: stage fright, perfectionism, drink more water, allergies, nail biting, starting a new job, how to sell yourself, creativity, overcoming jealousy, shopping addiction, saving money. There's probably one somewhere about setting a high jump record!

One drawback is that no matter how targeted or precise it is, a commercial recording cannot be as personalized to you as a session, recorded or otherwise, where you devise your own suggestion.

Another problem is that there are so many hypnosis tapes available now--you can just download some onto your computer--that it's hard to make a choice.

Providers range from local amateur hypnotists who want to make a little money to organizations who use only licensed professionals for their CDs.

There's nothing wrong with instructors selling their own tapes. Just check for credentials if the recording is made by someone you never heard of.

On the other end would be a company like Hypnosis Network who sells only CDs made by state-licensed psychologists who are experts in the topic. Of course, you pay more for that sort of recording, but still less than private sessions.



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