When to Practice

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When should I practice self-hypnosis?

When to Practice

Try to practice self-hypnosis at the same time every day. Don't practice within an hour after eating, when you're hungry (that growling stomach may interfere), or right before bedtime. You don't want to fall asleep. Don't practice lying down on your bed either, though lying on the floor or on a mat is fine. Choose a time when you do not have something else you regularly do. If you like to meditate, go for a run, or do yoga at a given time, work around that. Self-hypnosis only takes a few minutes. If you're afraid you may fall asleep, or just run too long with your practice and miss an appointment, set an alarm rather than worrying about it. This is just to set your mind at ease. You don't really want to terminate your session that way, and you will find it's seldom necessary. I sat next to a woman on a commuter train the other day. She was sleeping the whole way, but automatically woke up 5 minutes before her station. Do you think she knew she was practicing self-hypnosis?



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