Dealing with Distractions

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How should I deal with distractions when I'm practicing self-hypnosis?

Dealing with Distractions

As hard as we try to have an ideal practice situation, there will be distractions. You remember to turn off your cell phone and put the cat in another room, but there's not much you can do about traffic noise, barking dogs, or people talking outside.

Of course, this is a bigger problem for some people than for others, depending on where you live, where you practice, and when you practice. There will, however, still be a time when distractions occur for most of us.

Most of these distractions are sounds, because you have more control over the visual environment in your practice session. You can turn this to your advantage. Just program yourself to go deeper into hypnosis with every sound you hear. As part of the deepening, say to yourself: I relax more with every sound I hear.

The annoyance over the neighbor's leaf blower or the curiosity over the plane that seems to be flying too low won't ruin your practice session. The unexpected odor of bacon frying is easy to ignore.

I've already referred to internal distractions, but it's worth repeating You will have extraneous thoughts. Just let them go. If you don't follow them, they won't bother you, and they will come back at a more appropriate time.

You will always come out of your trance if there is a real emergency, such as a fire alarm or the smell of smoke. Both conscious and subconscious minds are programmed for self-preservation and will overcome any other programming.



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