Using Repetition

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How can I learn self-hypnosis more quickly?

Using Repetition

Repetition is a big part of self-hypnosis. You use repetition when designing your suggestion. You repeat your self-hypnosis routine every day when you practice.

This all makes sense when you consider you are working to change fixed ideas you may have had for many years. The subconscious isn't likely to open the door the first time you knock.

Learning self-hypnosis is also a matter of repetition. Although hypnosis is a natural state, it takes a while to learn to enter it voluntarily.

You can expand your practice by repeating parts of it independently. You can do the relaxation almost any time you have a few quiet minutes or are waiting for something. Take a relaxation break at work. Do it while waiting for the next speaker at a meeting. Relax while you're waiting to be called for your medical or dental appointment.

No one has to know that you're practicing relaxation, and you can also find many incidences where you can practice the induction without anyone noticing.

These repetitions of pieces of the self-hypnosis procedure will help it all become second nature. You still have to practice the whole procedure repeatedly, ideally every day, to get full benefits.

Don't practice self-hypnosis while driving or operating equipment!



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