Be Positive

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Is there any problem with using negative words in a suggestion?

Be Positive

The subconscious doesn't readily recognize negative words. It just filters them out, so you may end up communicating the opposite of what you mean. By negative words, we mean not, don't, won't, can't, never, stop, as well as conditional words like maybe and a few others we will discuss later. As you see, these are common, everyday words and phrases, and you have to be careful they don't sneak into your suggestion.

If you say, for instance, "I am not afraid to speak in front of a group," your subconscious may hear, "I am afraid to speak in front of a group." Occassionally a suggestion may work in spite of negative constructions. I remember reading a book written by a man who had cured himself of debilitating allergies through self-hypnosis. His suggestions were all wrong, but they worked. This is due to the power of his intention, which got through to his subconscious regardless of the phrasing of the suggestion. But you don't have to take that chance. Do it right.

This is not will power. Will power doesn't work, so take it out of your vocabulary. When you try to use will power, you just pound your conscious mind and end up thinking there is something wrong with you for not succeeding, which just reinforces the fixed ideas that kept you from succeeding in the first place.

I can use negative words here, because I'm talking to your conscious mind and it recognizes and knows how to interpret them. The suggestions that use negative words and still work are from such a powerful intention that they break through the conscious barrier. Make things easy on yourself and get the best results by phrasing your suggestions with positive words from the beginning.



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