Repeat, Repeat

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How do I make my suggestion more emphatic?

Repeat, Repeat

Repetition makes your suggestion more effective. It reinforces your ideas to your subconscious.

Repetition is one of the secondary criteria for a good suggestion. The primary ones are to use the present tense and be positive. You also have to be realistic and choose appropriate goals, as is described in the section on goal setting.

Once you have the primary criteria covered, polish your suggestion by saying the same thing in many different ways. Although you need to be realistic, you can exaggerate.

Be careful of superlatives, like best, greatest, most intelligent. Your subconscious may not be buying it.

Wonderful, fabulous, best ever, applied to your own performance are fine. If you're working alone, no one else has to hear it. If you're working with partners, they will be exaggerating just as much as you are.

Go ahead and get creative. Have fun with it.



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