Key Words

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What are key words and how are they used in self-hypnosis?

Key Words

As you compose your suggestion, make sure you sprinkle it with key words. Key words are those that are specific to your suggestion. If you're using self-hypnosis to make your tennis serve more accurate, use the word accurate, as well as words like improve, power, and serve. If you're using hypnosis to stop smoking, don't avoid smoking words. Describe how you walk right past cigarettes, politely refuse a cigarette, and grind a cigarette under your heel.

Other important words to use are those with emotional significance. Emotional connections probably helped those fixed ideas take hold, so use emotion to dislodge them. If you came to believe you weren't a good student and as a result would freeze up on tests, turn it around. Don't fight to get through the test; tell yourself you're having a great time and enjoying yourself immensely while taking the test. You're joyful when you complete it, because you know you did a great job. You plan to celebrate.



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