Negative Positive Words

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How positive do hypnotic suggestions have to be?

Negative Positive Words

Let's look at some stealth negative words. These are words that your conscious mind may think of as strong, but your subconscious knows are negative. Keep them out of your suggestions.

The word "try" is interesting. Usually it's positive, as in: I'll give it a try. But often there is an underlying excuse involved. "I tried my best," or "all I can do is try" are really excuses for not sticking with something. Maybe you don't want to do it anyway. Your subconscious knows that when you tell it, "I try to quit smoking," your're giving yourself an out. It has a built-in excuse for failing. That's no way to change fixed ideas.

"Hope" is just as bad, although it generally has a positive connotation. Having hope or giving somebody hope means you're not giving up. When you're dealing with your subconscious, you want a resolution, not an open-ended "maybe."

"Should," "could," and all their variations let doubt in where you are supposed to be positive. Be confident and leave those words out. The word "can" sounds positive but doesn't work for our purposes. Just being able to do something doesn't mean you will do it. So see yourself doing it, in the present.

I do want to mention that there might be an occasion when trying, not getting there, is your goal. It's important for you to use your own discretion and override even my recommendations if necessary. Such occasions are rare and most of us won't encounter them.



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