Avoid Perfectionism

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Can self-hypnosis keep me from making mistakes?

Avoid Perfectionism

It is possible to go too far with being positive in your self-hypnosis suggestions. Beware of perfectionism.

With perfectionism, you cross the line from being positive to being unrealistic. In fact, if being a perfectionist is part of your character, you may want to use self-hypnosis to tone it down a bit. Don't be too hard on yourself. Don't be too hard on others. It just builds up stress.

Let's look at examples of why perfectionism is unrealistic.

You want to be happy, but you can't be always happy. Tragedy enters everyone's life at some time. You can approach life with an optimistic attitude, but you can't always be happy.

Let's say you play the stock market. You can give yourself suggestions to do your research before investing, or not to put more than 5% or your portfolio in any one investment. But you are unlikely to always invest in winners. There are too many other factors in play.

Let's say you're a golfer. As a perfectionist, you want to shoot par or better on every hole. Not even Tiger Woods pars every hole. You can improve your game. You can improve aspects of your game. You can improve your score. You may even get a hole-in-one. But you won't par every hole.

It's a great goal to run or walk every morning, and a few people have done that for an amazing period of time. Still, things may come up that make it impractical on a given day. Don't overdo the emphasis on always. If you miss a day and you feel bad about it, you may want to re-program youself to get started again, maybe giving yourself a little more leeway.



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