Delivering the Suggestion

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How do I give myself my self-hypnosis suggestion?

Delivering the Suggestion

Now that you have your suggestion, what do you do with it?

You can tape record your whole self-hypnosis session, including the suggestion, and just play it to yourself. Realistically, most people do not want to do that because they don't like the sound of their own voice. This is mostly because it sounds different than when you just hear it in your head as you speak. It doesn't sound like you. In this case, it doesn't matter if it sounds like you or not. Once you become proficient at entering the trance, it won't matter.

You can get someone else to record it for you. This is good if you are working with a partner. You can record for each other.

Do not try to be expressive. Remember, we are going to bypass the conscious mind, and a good way to do that is to bore it. My self-hypnosis students often complimented me on the monotone voice I used in delivering suggestions. This is not something that is often praised in other situations.

If you can't or don't want to tape record your suggestion, there is an alternative. First, write out the suggestion longhand. (Do this even if you are going to tape record it.) Before you enter self-hypnosis, read the suggestion to yourself. The suggestion will be the same as if you were recording it, except that you add a key word. Do this on the written copy.

If the goal of the suggestion is to build confidence, you could use the word "confidence" as your key word. If it is to be a better public speaker, you could use the word "speaking." For confidence, at the end of the suggestion, add, "I recall this beneficial suggestion when I say the word confidence."

Then all you have to do after you do the induction, relaxation, and deepening, is to take a deep breath and say to yourself "confidence," and your subconscious will replay the suggestion. You won't be aware of the words, but if you just relax and clear your mind for a short time, they will be delivered.

As with meditation, you will probably have extraneous thoughts. Just ignore them, and get back to your self-hypnosis routine. The stray thoughts won't interfere with your success as long as you don't pay attention to them.



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