Stop Smoking

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How can I use a positive suggestion if I want to stop doing something?

Stop Smoking

You may have noticed that it is somewhat difficult to stay positive in your suggestion when your goal is to stop doing something. "I will stop smoking," or "I will never smoke again," do not meet our criteria for a good suggestion. What we generally do is use the prefix "non," so that you would say, "I am a nonsmoker." Use something different if you want to.

I used to use, "I am a permanent nonsmoker," with clients, but one told me that wouldn't work because she was a recovering alcoholic and had to do things one day at a time. So we decided on, "Today, I am a nonsmoker," which she would repeat every day. I think this is probably better for everyone, but you can use whatever feels right to you.

Here is a sample suggestion incorporating this idea.

Today I am a nonsmoker. I wake up in the morning knowing I am a nonsmoker and it makes me feel good. My senses are sharp. I am aware of the wonderful smell of flowers as I go outdoors. I enjoy the tastes of the healthful food I eat. All my senses are clear. My vision is sharp. I am free of the desire for cigarettes. I am in full control. I save money because I am a nonsmoker, and I spend that money on healthful things and activities I enjoy. My lungs are clear. I breathe easily. I have more energy than I have had for years. My life as a nonsmoker is wonderful. I think clearly. Everything is clear and sharp to me. I am wonderfully healthy and I enjoy myself. I am proud to be a nonsmoker.

Use the key word: nonsmoker



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