Healthy Eating

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How can I use self-hypnosis to improve my diet?

Healthy Eating

Make sure you know about healthy eating before you use self-hypnosis to improve your eating habits. You don't want to use self-hypnosis to stick with an unhealthy, fad diet, let alone a string of fad diets.If you are going to Weight Watchers or another long-term program that has a history of success, you can use self-hypnosis to help you stick to the program.

The key to healthy eating is to make the right choices. This script is based on that. Use it if you want to lose weight or keep your weight stable. Some changes are necessary if you want to gain weight.

I always choose healthy food. I prefer food that is low in fat. I choose food that is high in fiber. I love vegetables and eat them whenever I can. I eat two or three fruits every day. I make sure I eat low-fat protein sources. I prefer whole grains and unprocessed carbohydrates. I choose food that has little added suger. When I eat out, I choose healthful foods. Desserts are for special occasions. I take small portions of all my foods. I stop eating when I am full. I eat slowly so I can enjoy the flavors. Eating good, healthful food makes me feel great. I eat three meals and two healthful snacks every day. I do not eat after eight o'clock at night. I choose vegetables that are a variety of colors. I use low-calorie salad dressing. I eat vegetables first. I love eating healthful, low-fat food.

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