Public Speaking

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Can self-hypnosis help me get over fear of public speaking?

Public Speaking

Public speaking unease is so common it may qualify as an everyday problem. You may have read about the survey that showed public speaking to be the #2 thing people are afraid of, with #1 as being burned alive. If you expand fear of public speaking to include speaking in meetings and large classes, as well as standing in front of a group of people who may be hanging on your every word, it is common indeed. Self-hypnosis can help you get over fear of public speaking. It worked for me and it can work for you. Try this script.

I enjoy speaking in front of a group. I am relaxed and my mind is sharp. I feel a rapport with the audience. I enjoy making eye contact and speaking directly to someone. I welcome questions. I know I am helping people by sharing my knowledge, and it makes me feel good. Public speaking is fun. I enjoy myself and look forward to my next opportunity. I easily connect with the group. I accept energy from the audience. The audience likes me and enjoys my talk. I am relaxed and invigorated as I deliver my speech. Ideas come to me effortlessly. I always say the right thing. I improve my skills with each talk I give. Public speaking is enjoyable and fulfilling.

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