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How can I increase my self-confidence?


Use a suggestion like this to enhance your self-confidence.

I am in control of my life. I easily organize my priorities and handle every challenge. I take time as I need it to resolve my problems. I choose my projects so I always complete them successfully. I am relaxed and focused at all times. Problem solving is easy and fun for me. I set priorities and schedule my activities so I can enjoy my success. I stay centered and focused when I am working and studying. I make time to enjoy family and friends. I choose activities I enjoy. I am creative. I am productive. I remain stress free. New ideas are fascinating to me. I am creative. New ideas stimulate my creativity. I easily meet every challenge and grow daily in my self-esteem. I am more confident every day. I complete my projects successfully and on time. My creativity increases. I enjoy helping others. I am kind and cheerful. I am becoming a better person.

Key word: confidence



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