How Does Hypnosis Work?

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How does hypnosis work?

How Does Hypnosis Work?

If you're a little skeptical about hypnosis, you may want to know exactly how it works. Sorry, we don't know. Money Magazine, in an article on alternative medicine, gives hypnotherapy a good review regarding its effectiveness as a pain killer and anxiety treatment, but admits we don't know exactly how it works. It's difficult to prove such things scientifically. Hypnosis certainly doesn't lend itself to double-blind studies.

Modern science has made great strides in unlocking some mysteries of human physiology, but we can't say the same for the workings of the mind. Someone once said that if the mind was simple enough to be understood, we would be too stupid to understand it. Enjoy the mystery.

Only recently have scientists begun to understand how aspirin works, but that hasn't stopped people from getting good results with it for over a hundred years.

You will learn to use your mind to change your mind. The techniques of self-hypnosis are easy to learn. You will not be able to equate it to release of some neurotransmitter or other, and no one has been able to put self-hypnosis in a pill. Just relax. The old way works.



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