Who Is Qualified To Administer Weight Control Hypnosis?

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How do I choose a hypnotherapist for my weight loss hypnosis?

Who Is Qualified To Administer Weight Control Hypnosis?

When considering weight control hypnosis, the single most important thing to remember when looking for a qualified hypnotherapist is that no practitioner should only have a CHT (Certified Hypnotherapist) after his/her name. In addition to a CHT, a practitioner of weight control hypnosis should also have some indication s/he is a licensed health care practitioner. Licensed health care professionals usually have seven to nine years of university coursework, supervised training in internship and/or residency programs, and their hypnosis training is in addition to their health care training. Also: Be sure that hypnotherapists have PhDs from accredited institutions. An accredited university has certain standards their graduates must meet to be licensed mental health professionals



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