Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions

What is hypnosis?

Is self-hypnosis a part of clinical hypnosis?

How can clinical hypnosis bring positive change to my life?

What are the specific concepts of clinical hypnosis?

What are some uses for medical hypnosis?

What are the myths surrounding clinical hypnosis?

What is guided imagery in medical hypnosis?

Can anyone benefit from clinical hypnosis?

Does alternative medicine hypnotherapy work with traditional medicine?

Is hypnosis as non-traditional medicine a recognized method of practicing alternative medicine?

Can I research alternative medicine hypnotherapy online?

Are there alternative medicine hypnotherapy recordings available?

Can I get alternative medicine hypnotherapy sessions on CD?

What is the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis?

When was the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis founded?

What is a hypnosis association?

Can I become a member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis?

What are the programs offered at the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis?

Does the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis put out any publications?

What are some legitimate uses of hypnosis?

Is hypnosis appropriate for children?

Are pre-recorded CDs and tapes a viable method of undergoing hypnosis?

Are there alternative weight loss programs out there?

How does weight loss hypnosis work?

Is weight loss hypnosis really effective?

Can I use audio hypnosis to lose weight?

How do I choose a hypnotherapist for my weight loss hypnosis?

Are there medical hypnosis resources online?

What is audio hypnosis?

Can hypnosis CDs help with pain management?

Are there hypnosis tapes geared toward weight control?

Can I use audio hypnosis to hypnotize myself?

Are there impractical or unsafe uses for audio hypnosis?

Will a hypnosis CD help me quit smoking?

How does audio hypnosis aid in stress relief?

Will insomniacs benefit from audio hypnosis?

Can hypnosis tapes make me a better person?

How will audio hypnosis improve my memory?

What should I look for when choosing a hypnotherapist?

How do I become a certified hypnotherapist?

What should I avoid in a hypnotherapist?

What are some questions I should ask a potential hypnotherapist?

Is a group hypnotherapy practice the right choice for me?

How will an independent hypnotherapist help me?

How do I use hypnosis to relieve stress?

Can stuttering be modified with hypnosis?

Will hypnosis help me relax?

Can my anxiety be reduced by hypnotherapy?

How effective is hypnotherapy for headaches?

How can I deal with my anger?

What is the difference between meditation and hypnosis?

What is directive hypnosis?

How does directive hypnosis work?

Is directive hypnosis appropriate for me?

What is the difference between directive and non-directive hypnosis?

How can I get self-motivated?

Who was Milton H. Erickson?

What is the difference between traditional and Ericksonian hypnosis?

Is erotic hypnosis the same as tantric sex?

Isn't hypnosis a theme in some erotica?

How can I improve my sex life with erotic hypnosis?

Who was the first to develop hypnosis?

Where did the phrase "animal magnetism" come from?

When was the word "hypnotism" first used?

What was an early explanation of how hypnosis works?

When was the psychological nature of hypnosis first recognized?

How does hypnosis work?

When did hypnosis become viewed as a legitimate medical practice?

How old is the practice of hypnosis?

Is there any record of hypnosis being used in surgery?

What is Hypondotia?

Is hypnotizing a child easier than hypnotizing an adult?

Do hypnotic sessions need to last a long time for children?

How can hypnotherapy help children?

Is storytelling an effective hypnosis tool?

Is hypnosis safe for children?

How can hypnosis help my child in school?

Can hypnosis relieve post-medical procedure discomfort?

Will hypnotherapy work as effectively as a chemical pain-killer?

Have there been any studies about hypnotherapy and pain control?

Can my brain feel pain?

How does hypnotherapy work to control pain?

What are a few specific methods used in pain control hypnotherapy?

What types of pain can be eased by hypnosis?

Do hypnosis skills work to relieve labor pain during childbirth?

How does hypnosis factor into procrastination problems?

How destructive is procrastination, really?

Will self-hypnosis work to end my procrastination?

What is insomnia?

What happens to our brains when we sleep?

Is self-hypnosis a good cure for my insomnia?

What are common types of insomnia?

What is the correllation between performance sports and hypnosis?

Can hypnosis help in treating sports injuries?

How does hypnosis work in sports performance?

Has anyone studied the effects of hypnosis in athletes?

What will it take for me to quit smoking?

Will I definitely gain weight if I quit smoking?

Are there audio programs to help me quit smoking?

Who is a good weight loss hypnotherapist?

Where can I find a sports hypnosis specialist?

Is there a hypnotherapist who can help me with procrastination?

Who is a good sex hypnotherapist?

Can a hypnotherapist help my marital problems?

Who can I turn to with my anxiety problems?

Who is a respected self-esteem hypnotherapist?

Who practices Ericksonian hypnotherapy?

Is there a hypnotherapist who can help me reduce pain?

Who is a recommended hypnotherapist for children?

Is clinical hypnosis similar to stage hypnosis?

What is an induction?

What is a hypnotic suggestion?

What does it mean that hypnosis is a natural state?

When can I use self hypnosis and when should I see a professional.

Can I use self hypnosis tapes I make myself?

What is visualization?

Is hypnosis safe?

How is a pendulum used in hypnosis?

Does hypnosis really work for weight loss?

Do I have to quit Weight Watchers if I use hypnosis for weight loss?

Will hypnosis work with any diet?

How can I learn to eat right?

Why do I always regain the weight I lose with a new diet?

What is involved in achieving weight loss?

Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

How can I stop eating so much junk food?

I always try all the new diets. Is hypnosis another diet?

What kind of weight loss goals should I set for myself when using hypnosis?

How can I lose 10 pounds?

Can hypnosis help with anorexia?

What should I do if I just can't stop overeating?

Should my body image change when I am losing weight?

How can I stop eating the high calorie foods I like?

How can I use hypnosis to improve my golf game?

Is hypnosis helpful in improving my bowling score?

How can I get a better time in my next 10K race?

Is hypnosis useful in team sports?

Can I use hypnosis to make my opponent play badly?

How do I keep from getting bored during long distance training?

Can I use my mental ability to learn sports skills?

How can I advance in the martial arts?

How can hypnosis help enhance my sports skills practice?

I'm having trouble learning to concentrate. What can I do?

Is it possible to improve my tennis game through hypnosis?

Is hypnosis of any use during a game?

Does the runner's high have anything to do with hypnosis?

How can I keep from getting tired during a race?

Should I try hypnosis to get over worrying so much?

How can I get over feeling anxious all the time?

How can I learn to relax?

How can I get over being nervous about taking tests?

How can I use my breathing to relax?

Does it matter if I use present or future tense for suggestions?

What is the main technique to learn for stress relief?

Does hypnosis work with phobias?

Can a hypnotherapist help people with OCD?

How can I get over fear of public speaking?

How can I become a better public speaker?

Can hypnosis make it easier for me to go to the dentist?

How can I use hypnosis to improve my overall health?

Where is the best place to practice self hypnosis?

How can I use hypnosis to sleep better?

How can hypnosis help me get my projects completed?

How can I become more productive at work?

How can I get over a mental block about a project?

I have recently started procrastinating. Why would that be?

What can I do to get my work projects completed easier?

What can I do if something keeps me from completing my scheduled tasks?

How can I make myself study?

Why can't I make myself practice playing the piano?

How can I decide what to do first so I don't procrastinate?

Should I use suggestion to overcome procrastination?

How can I make choices quicker?

How can I stop procrastinating when I have so much on my mind?

When should I plan to start being more productive?

What goals should I work toward?

How can I get organized if I don't know where to start?

What kind of pain is hypnosis good for?

Is there any research on hypnosis and pain?

Is there any danger in using hypnosis for pain relief?

Can I use hypnosis to prevent athletic injuries?

Isn't hypnosis just another kind of placebo?

Can hypnosis help with migraine headaches?

Does hypnosis have anything to do with the pain threshold?

Can I use hypnosis to treat fibromyalgia?

Can hypnosis help with arthritis pain?

Can hypnosis help me recover from an injury?

How can I use hypnosis to alleviate pain?

Can pain be psychological?

Does hypnosis cause brain changes to relieve pain?

What sort of pain responds to self hypnosis?

Is it safe to block pain?

Can a stop smoking seminar work for me?

I don't smoke at work any more because it is not allowed, but I still have an urge to smoke after eating and at other times. How can I quit?

How can I use a positive suggestion about not smoking?

Will hypnosis make me stop smoking if I don't want to quit?

Is a craving for nicotine a physical addiction?

Is smoking some sort of oral fixation?

How can I get over the idea that I don't want to think I will never smoke again?

What is aversion therapy for quitting smoking?

Should I taper off cigarettes or just quit?

Will I be able to have an occasional cigarette after I quit?

Can I ever be free of the urge to smoke?

How can I use visualization to quit smoking?

Can I stop smoking without gaining a lot of weight?

What should I do if my doctor tells me to quit smoking?

What are the dangers of smoking?

What should I look for in buying a hypnosis program?

How can I use a positive suggestion if I want to stop doing something?

Recent Hypnosis Questions

Q. If you fall asleep while listening to the tapes, are you still getting the benefit from the tapes? This is for weight loss. Thanks, Sandy
A. Click for the Answer

Q. Hi,
I`m playing high school football. I`ve been having touble catching the football. Someone told me that to catch the ball all I need to do is tell myself I can, imagine myself doing it, and know what I`m supposed to do and I`ll catch it. I`ve been trying this for several weeks and I still won`t seem to catch the ball; so I finally stop the positive attitude idea because it seems to get me nowhere and become a lot more pessimistic. How can I hypnotyze myself to be a better athlete? Thanks.
A. Click for the Answer

Q. Hello I am so happy to come across your website. I was looking to take a course on Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Robert Shields College. Could you tell me if they are authentic. Also what other online schools would you recommend. I would truly appreciate your help.

thank you...Evelyne
A. Click for the Answer

Q. I am very interested in using hypnosis at home but am confused as to how to pick the person I would buy CDs from.

The prices are all over the board and it is hard to know what to look for in the backgrounds of these hypnotherapists. On this site you mention that there is no such thing as a doctorate in clinical hypnotherapy and that there are a lot of bogus organizations out there.

Does lifetips have any information regarding the following people:

Wendi Friesen
Doctor Kenneth Grossman
The Hypnosis Network

I would really appreciate some good information.

A. Click for the Answer

Q. My fiance wants to hypnotize me because at the beginning of our relationship I lied to him about my sex life I told him that I was not a virgin, but I really was. When I told him the truth later he does not completly beleive me. I need to know if going under hypnosis would show him I am telling the truth. I dont know what else to do. I want to gain his trust back.

Also can being put under hypnosis help people stop lying?
A. Click for the Answer

Q. can i use hypnosis on my boyfriend. Not to have mind control or anything like that, but to have the ability to tell if he is lying to me or be able to know his true feelings. Help! What is hypnosis capable of doing for me?
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Q. I want to know how to hypnotize people like i see on t.v. and are their different forms of hypnosis? If so, what are they?
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Q. Can a aged person be made to realise that he/she needs to wear a catheter to control incontinence?
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Q. I believe my son was abused by my ex-husband. He has such rage. Would hypnosis help him to get in touch with his feelings and would it be effective therapy for working these issues through?
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Q. my daughter is 16 yrs. old and very obese(250 lbs.)we have tried many,many
methods to help her lose weight .nothing has worked. she is not overly active but neither is she a "couch potatoe". she does karate training 2 times wkly.,works with 3 horses 2/3 times wkly,etc. is she a good gandite for hypnosis?
A. Click for the Answer

Q. What is the Catholic view on hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
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Q. I was at a party when I was 14 and I got real drunk. I ended up going for a ride on a moped with an older guy I did not even know (he was a friend of my brothers, but not a close one). Anyhow I don`t know if I asked him for a ride or if he asked me, I don`t know where we went, how long we were gone or (and this is the thing that bothers me) I somehow fell off the moped I have no recollection of this. I remember a couple of things one being the guy I was with had a gold shirt on, and I remember someone asking me about going to the hospital and me saying NO, I don`t want to get the people that had the party in trouble because I was drunk. I just wwant to know if hypnotherapy would help.
A. Click for the Answer

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