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Choosing a Hypnosis Program

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What should I look for in buying a hypnosis program?

Choosing a Hypnosis Program

There are a few online hypnosis providers. Some offer CDs or tapes, while others let you download the programs you buy. To evaluate which programs to buy, first consider the credentials of the providers. Programs from people with degrees in psychology or similar disciplines have the most credibility. If you can't tell who recorded the program, you have to rely on the company providing the program. The provider should offer you a sample for free. Get this before you spend any money. Providers use different approaches, so make sure the one you choose seems like it will work for you.

You may also want to consider purchasing a self-hypnosis book that will show you how to set up your own script. You can do this to learn more about hypnosis even if you want to buy a pre-recorded script.

Remember that conventional hypnosis has been working well for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Be skeptical of anyone who claims to have discovered a breakthrough technique that is superior to anything done before.



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