The Subconscious

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How do negative attitudes get accepted by the subconscious?

The Subconscious

When fixed ideas are accepted by the subconscious, they stay there, unless they are replaced--that is, those tapes need to be written over. When they reside in your subconscious, they influence your attitudes and behavior.

So how do the fixed ideas get into your subconscious in the first place?

Fixed ideas can be accepted at any age, but they are more likely to take root when we are young. Young children lack reasoning power. They don't accept everything they are told, but they are more likely to believe things that damage their self-image than are adults, especially confident adults.

Ideas that come from authority, are repeated, and have an emotional component, are more likely to be accepted. This includes ideas that are only overheard.

Can you see how a child might come to believe he is stupid or clumsy, or that he is incapable of doing something, if he hears it often enough?

You may remember incidents that led you to have feelings of inferiority, or they may be buried in your subconscious. We don't need to bring out these memories and make you relive them with self-hypnosis. This is not psychotherapy. If the memories do come out later, it doesn't matter. They will no longer have power over you.

Don't waste time and energy blaming your parents or your teachers for causing you to have these fixed ideas that have held you back or made you feel inferior. You're in charge now. Self-hypnosis shows you how to use the power of your mind to improve your life.



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