Smoking Cessation

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Can you quit smoking with self-hypnosis?

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation is one of the most common and popular uses for self-hypnosis. Cigarette smoking can be a behavioral problem (habit), or it can be a true addiction. In most cases, it is some of each. The physiological craving is gone after about seven days of not smoking. But the psychological craving, which can be just as strong, persists much longer.

You can quit smoking just by self-hypnosis. If you feel you are addicted and want to use a nicotine patch or one of the new drugs prescribed or recommended by a doctor, do self-hypnosis along with it. (Tell your doctor if you intend to do this.) After all, you have to contend with the long-term craving that usually persists after you quit. With some people who quit with self-hypnosis, the urge to smoke does not go away. With others, that old habit may push an urge to smoke into your brain. But you will be able to withstand it, as you do other urges that are socially unacceptable. You will be able to just not do it.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking. Even the Surgeon General's report on smoking noted that hypnosis could be effective. There are many hypnotists who give group stop smoking workshops, usually "guaranteed." I can't comment on these specifically, but I'm sure some are more effective than others. I would prefer they also give you some self-hypnosis exercises or a CD to reinforce what you learn. You also have the option of seeing a medical professional, usually a psychologist, who specializes in smoking cession. Your knowledge of self-hypnosis will help you evaluate their credentials and approach.

No matter which approach you choose, you must be ready to quit smoking. Then you will succeed. A sample suggestion for quitting smoking with self-hypnosis is included in the section on sample scripts.



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