Sports Performance

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Is self-hypnosis effective in improving sports performance?

Sports Performance

Self-hypnosis, in some form, is used by most successful athletes, even if they don't think of it that way. Some say that sports success is 90% mental. If you have a group of athletes, all genetically favored, all well-trained, all experienced in their sport, the mental aspect may indeed be what separates the winner from the also-rans. And self-hypnosis can be part of that.

Here are some mental aspects of sports that can be improved with self-hypnosis: concentration, self-confidence, determination, rehearsal. Rehearsal has to do with getting ready for an event. You anticipate what will be required and visualize what you will do.

You may have heard the story about the basketball players who just visualized making free throws versus the players who actually did practice. This is a great story and a great example of visualization and self-hypnosis, but it wouldn't have worked if they didn't know how to shoot a free throw in the first place. Mental practice is important, but it isn't everything. You have to learn and practice the fundamentals of your sport.

Is believing in yourself enough? If there are six runners with the same qualifying time lined up at the start of the Boston Marathon and they all believe they will win, will it be a six-way tie for first? That will never happen. But if they don't think they can win, they won't.

Self-hypnosis isn't just for elite athletes. You can use it to improve your tennis or golf game, your weekend softball batting abilities or the local 5K race. Want to improve your bench press? Try self-hypnosis. Is your mind holding you back from advancing in yoga? (You may have a fixed idea that you are not flexible or "limber.") You can fix that too.

Refer to the examples in the sample scripts section to see how you can make this work for you.



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