Be Specific

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Can I lump a bunch of goals together in my suggestion?

Be Specific

Be specific with goal-oriented self-hypnosis. Don't leave it up to your subconscious to guess.

Wanting to be healthy is a fine goal, but if what you really need to do first is to quit smoking, that is a specific goal and is more useful. Don't expect your subconscious to know that you want to quit smoking if what you are telling it is that you want to be healthy.

Many of your goals will be general, such as having more self-confidence, not procrastinating, or improving concentration. Work specific phrases that apply to your own situation into your suggestion, but you don't have to break everything down to specific parts to a given goal. You can be specific within your suggestion for a general goal.

Getting more exercise is great, but walking 30 minutes a day is more specific. Being a better guitar player is more specific than being a better musician. Practicing guitar regularly is a better short-term goal.

Getting a good job is a good goal, but getting a job at a certain company, or getting a certain kind of job, is more specific.

Public speaking is an example of a goal with different aspects that you can deal with all at once. With your suggestion, address all the problems together. If you are nervous, have trouble making eye contact, and just hate the idea of speaking in front of a group, write your suggestion to show yourself as calm, making good eye contact, and having fun.

Choose your goals carefully and be specific. Don't try to change your whole life all at once. Slow and steady wins the race.



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