Changing Your Goals

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Do I have to continue with a self-hypnosis goal indefinitely?

Changing Your Goals

When you feel self-hypnosis has worked for you for a certain goal, go on to the next one.

You may also decide you don't want the goal you're working on after all. You can just drop it. This won't happen often, if you avoid things like desiring to win the lottery or luring a certain love interest.

If your self-hypnosis isn't yielding results, you can change your script or suggestion. The goal stays the same; you just approach it differently. You can make minor changes in the way you view your goal while you're at it.

Avoid changing your goal too much, or you will just confuse the subconscious.

Let's take weight loss as an example.

A goal to "lose weight" is a little too vague, as is to look "sexy" or to have "a smokin' hot body," whatever that is. It is not realistic to want to look like some celebrity.

I like a goal such as, "I am at the body weight that is best for me," but you can use a specific weight if you want.

Let's say you weigh 220 pounds and want to weigh 160. It works best to have intermediate goals, but you can do this consciously. Start with losing 10% of your body weight. When you get to 198, set a goal for another 10%. That will bring you to 178, and another 10% will put you where you want to be

Throughout this progress, you will have the same goals of reaching your best, healthiest weight, and if you want to be specific, weighing 160 pounds. Using self-hypnosis for the specific weight you are working on at a given time requires too much re-programming. So be specific, just not too specific.

Regarding this example, you may end up at 165 pounds and stay there, but you look and feel great. Trust that your subconscious knows best in this case, and accept that.



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