Improve Your Life

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What is the basic goal of self-hypnosis?

Improve Your Life

The overall purpose of self-hypnosis is to improve your life. How you do this, through the goals you choose, is up to you.

Most of us want to be healthy, live at least comfortably, if not lavishly, and have good family and social relationships. We want to be successful in our endeavors and have achievements we can be proud of. These seem very broad, and they are meant to be. Each person will have different goals within this overall plan and different ways of approaching those goals.

Make a list of goals you want for yourself, not in any order. Just do it off the top of your head. Put it aside. Go over your list tomorrow and cross off anything that is really what someone else wants you to do, not what you want for yourself. Then number the list in order of importance, though you won't necessarily work on them in this order. You can always change it later, like a Netflix account.

Don't be in a rush. You don't want to increase the stress on yourself. Remember, you are in control.

Sometimes it seems as if things happen when they are supposed to. That may be, and doing self-hypnosis to reach goals does not deny that. There may be a collective unconscious or some spiritual force that determines events. (I don't want to discuss any specific religious tradition.) You can believe any of this, or none, follow any religion or philosophy, and still use self-hypnosis without conflict.



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