Steps to Hypnosis

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How do I practice self-hypnosis?

Steps to Hypnosis

There are several parts to a self-hypnosis session. When you become good at self-hypnosis, that is when you are confident and successful, you can experiment with changing the procedure. While you are learning, stick with these steps.

Here are the parts of a self-hypnosis session in order: preparation, induction, relaxation, deepening, suggestion, visualization, termination.

In this section, we will go through a session without the suggestion and visualization, so you can practice the basic procedure, which is the same regardless of your goal. You will find that this procedure, by itself, is great for stress reduction.

The induction, which is what puts you into hypnosis, is given its own section, so you will have to go there to get that part of this session. The other parts are in this section.

Take your time learning and practicing this process. You will enjoy it the first time through, but it becomes more effective with practice. Don't try to force it.

Try this. Work with a partner. Put your right arm straight out in front of you. Clench your fist and tense your muscles as hard as you can, using your will power. Have your partner press down on your hand. Now extend the same arm, relax and imaagine it being like an iron bar extending beyond your fingertips as far as you can see. Have your partner press on your hand again. (Nod when you're ready.) Are you stronger when you relax? So much for will power. Relaxation and self-hypnosis work better.



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