Using Pieces of the Puzzle

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How should I practice self-hypnosis?

Using Pieces of the Puzzle

Use all of the steps when you are first learning self-hypnosis. When you master it, or when you are comfortable with it, you can use pieces alone or with other pieces.

You can use the relaxation part alone, for instance, or relaxation and deepening.

When you learn visualization, that can come in handy in many instances, and can be used by itself.

You will learn to do rapid inductions, from which you can go to relaxation or focused awareness.

Read the rest of the book if you wish, then come back and practice the procedure in this section. To review, start with the preparation phase, where you move to a quiet, comfortable place. Then, in order, go through the induction, relaxation, deepening, and trance termination. When you're comfortable with this, go on to learn about suggestions and visualization.



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