Hypnosis Recordings

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Can I buy recordings to use for self-hypnosis?

Hypnosis Recordings

There are hypnosis recordings you can buy. Lots of them. You can use these instead of your own scripts. These recordings come in various media. When we refer to tapes, that covers CDs as well, and vice versa.

Some people consider the use of recordings for hypnosis as self-hypnosis, because you play them for yourself when you want to, instead of having an appointment with a hypnotherapist and going to his office.

I think that only the recordings you make yourself are true self-hypnosis. The ones you buy are somewhere in between self-hypnosis and seeing a professional.

The types of hypnosis tapes we consider here are the ones you make yourself, professionally made audible recordings, and subliminal recordings.

There are also recordings that consist of certain sounds chosen to enhance your meditation or relaxation. You can work those in if you like.



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