Subliminal Tapes

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What are subliminal tapes?

Subliminal Tapes

We have discussed using hypnosis tapes or CDs, but subliminals deserve their own discussion.

Standard hypnosis tapes are audible, but contain elements that cause them to bypass the conscious mind to talk to the subconscious. Subliminal tapes are recorded so that the message is played underneath music or other sounds and is not audible to your conscious, but is supposed to go directly to the subconscious.

You may have read about experiments at movies where they flashed the words "eat popcorn" on the screen so fast that it could not register with the conscious mind. This is supposed to have resulted in increased popcorn sales, but the experiments were not really accepted by the scientific community. This is the same basic idea as subliminal tapes, except that the tapes work with the auditory senses and the popcorn experiment with the visual.

Although the subliminals seem like a great idea, there is no real evidence that they work. In addition, you can't really be sure what is on them. If you decide to buy and try such tapes, make sure you get them from a reputable company who includes a written version of the subliminal message.

Subliminals do seem to work for some people. Another possibility, which I think is reasonable, is that by playing the tapes you pay attention to the subject and strengthen your resolve to reach that goal.

To be really sure what is on the tape, make your own. First, compose and write out your suggestion. (You don't need to use an induction or other elements of standard self-hypnosis.) Record the suggestion, as many times as you need to make the tape as long as you want. Now play the suggestion on a tape recorder. At the same time, play ocean sounds or whatever you want to hear on a second recorder. Turn down the first recorder until the suggestion is just too faint to be heard over the sounds. Play them together and record the result on a third recorder. This is your subliminal tape.

One good thing about subliminals is you can play them while you're working around the house as background. You don't have to find a quiet place and relax as you do with standard tapes. You can even use them in the car (which you never do with audible tapes), but with some music as an overlay instead of just sounds. Use music without words. Mozart is good for this; rap is not.



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