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Hypnotherapy Working With Traditional Medicine

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Does alternative medicine hypnotherapy work with traditional medicine?

Hypnotherapy Working With Traditional Medicine

Hypnotherapy has proven to be an excellent supplement to traditional medicines such as pills and surgery. Today, nearly fifteen thousand doctors use a combination of hypnotherapy and standard medical treatments. Nine out of 10 people are said to be able to be hypnotized, just as some traditional medicines work more effectively on some people than others. Approximately 94 percent of patients benefit from hypnotherapy, even if just to improve relaxation.



5/21/2015 12:05:18 PM
Nora Moore said:

Nearly fifteen thousand doctors use hypnotherapy with their other treatments? I hadn't realized that it was so widely used. I suppose that it can have different levels of effectiveness for different people. If you were someone that it only helped to relax, it could still have some benefit.


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