Use Your Senses

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How can I make my visualization seem more vivid?

Use Your Senses

Visualization can be more effective if you employ all your senses. Hear what you would hear in the situation. See what you would see.

The sense of taste doesn't come into all situations, but there are times when you can use it. It's pretty easy to stimulate your sense of taste. Just think of a nice juicy lemon. Imagine what it would taste like. What a nice ripe, juicy lemon that is! Pretty soon your mouth will start to water.

Are there any odors attached to the experience you are visualizing? There may be cooking odors or there may be fresh flowers or pine trees. Stimulate your sense of smell.

Touch isn't just what you feel with your fingers. It's what you feel with your skin. Are you warm or cool? Are you soaking your feet in a pool? Can you feel that golf club in your hand?

When you visualize what you see, pick up the colors and the way the light plays off the surfaces.

Go back and listen. Can you hear more now?



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