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Can a stop smoking seminar work for me?

Stop Smoking Programs

Because smoking is a common problem, there are a lot of programs that advertise stop smoking hypnosis seminars. Some advertise heavily and travel from town to town, giving presentations to large groups. Just because a program seems to be popular doesn't mean that the hypnotist is qualified. Before attending hypnosis seminars, find out who is really going to conduct the session and what his or her credentials are. Don't be misled by a guarantee or testimonials.

Will hypnosis make me stop smoking if I don't want to quit?

Get Ready to Stop Smoking

Make sure you are ready to stop smoking. Do your research on the health dangers, financial costs, and social effects. Decide that you really want to quit before you start a program; don't just join a stop smoking hypnosis program because someone else wants you to. And don't punish yourself by continuing to smoke because you don't want other people telling you what to do. When you're ready, start that stop smoking hypnosis program, and it will work for you. The Institute for the Study of Healthcare Organizations and Transactions says that hypnosis can help smokers quit when they are motivated.

Can I ever be free of the urge to smoke?

Breaking a Habit

There is a rule-of-thumb that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. It can also take 21 days to break an old habit. When you break the smoking habit by talking to your subconscious through through quit smoking hypnosis, you are writing over the old I-am-a-smoker tape in your mind with a new I-am-a-nonsmoker tape. The worst part of quitting is over in about a week, but getting rid of the craving can take much longer. At about 21 days, though, it becomes much easier to resist smoking and you can consider yourself a nonsmoker. Note that it is possible to be completely free of the urge to smoke after one session with a hypnotherapist, and that may be what happens with you.

What will it take for me to quit smoking?

Kick The Cigarette Habit With Hypnosis

Often times, hypnosis is the last thing people turn to in order to quit smoking. In reality it should be the first! Until you change your mind about smoking -- that is, until you reinforce that you are not a smoker and/or that you have no cravings for a cigarette, you will continue to crave one. Smoking hypnosis does just that: it assists in teaching you to alter your thoughts and eliminate your addiction to cigarettes.

How can I use visualization to quit smoking?

Visualize a Nonsmoker

When you're working on quit smoking hypnosis, visualize yourself as a nonsmoker in situations where you are used to smoking. See yourself declining a cigarette, enjoying the fresh smoke-free air, taking a deep breath and feeling the fresh air invigorating your lungs. Repeat these images and soon you will feel comfortable as a nonsmoker in those situations where you used to smoke.

Are there audio programs to help me quit smoking?

Using Hypnotherapy Audio Tapes And CDs To Quit Smoking

If you have considered using hypnosis to quit smoking, you may try self-hypnosis through the use of audio tapes and CDs. Listen to hypnotic suggestions in the privacy of your home or office that will build your motivation to quit smoking, and break the conditioning you have developed over years. The hypnotherapist in the recordings will deeply implant all the suggestions you will need to become a permanent nonsmoker.

What are the dangers of smoking?

Conditions Caused by Smoking

You may associate smoking with the risk of lung cancer, and that is certainly true. If that doesn't scare you enough, it is also implicated in heart disease and some other cancers. Because it narrows the blood vessels and restricts circulation, it can also cause or increase low back pain. It even dries the skin and makes you look older. Don't use scare tactics in your stop smoking hypnosis suggestions, though. Instead, emphasize how clear your lungs are, how good your back feels, and how your skin glows with health when you are a nonsmoker.

Will I be able to have an occasional cigarette after I quit?

Don't Be Tempted to Smoke

For some reason, some smokers who quit start again. There seem to be danger zones at about 3 months and 1 year after quitting, according to Leslie M. LeCron in Self-Hypnosis. It may be just curiosity--wondering what it would be like to have just one cigarette. If you find yourself being tempted, return to your quit smoking hypnosis and block that temptation. Don't try even one. Quitting smoking is a great accomplishment, and you shouldn't take a chance on having to start all over.

Will I definitely gain weight if I quit smoking?

Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation...Without Weight Gain

Worried you'll gain weight if you quit smoking? Using hypnosis for smoking cessation replaces the smoking habit with positive behaviors. These behaviors help you to account for the amount of time you used to spend smoking. With quick calculations you can discover how much of your day was spent smoking. Using hypnosis, you envision filling that time with other, more productive activities. Outside of a session, you will be better prepared to use past smoking time efficiently, far from the fridge!

Is smoking some sort of oral fixation?

Oral Need

For many people, part of the cigarette addiction is an oral need--something to put in your mouth. You can get past this by chewing gum, sucking on hard candy, or other substitutions that will not lead to weight gain. A hypnotist can help you transfer your oral craving to something harmless, and then continue to where you don't need that any more, as part of stop smoking hypnosis.

What is aversion therapy for quitting smoking?

Aversion Therapy

There is a stop smoking approach called aversion therapy in which you do something like sit in a phone booth and smoke cigarette after cigarette until you get sick. This is supposed to turn you away from smoking, but doesn't work very well. You can use the same general idea successfully with stop smoking hypnosis. Give yourself suggestions that smoking is a nasty, dirty habit that disgusts you and visualize yourself turning away from a pack of cigarettes. This will help you turn against cigarettes by using hypnosis without having to get sick.

Can I stop smoking without gaining a lot of weight?

Smoking and Weight Gain

Statistically, smokers on average are thinner than nonsmokers. This is partially because some of them are sick, but also because smoking dulls the taste buds and raises the metabolism somewhat. You may gain a few pounds when you quit smoking, but they will come off easily afterwards with the help of hypnosis.

Is a craving for nicotine a physical addiction?

Nicotine Craving

When you stop smoking, the physical craving for nicotine is gone in 6 or 7 days. The ongoing craving for cigarettes is habit or psychological factors, which can be treated with hypnotherapy. Quit smoking hypnosis will make those first few days easier for you, so you can get past the physical craving, which is the hard part for many people.

What should I do if my doctor tells me to quit smoking?

If a Doctor Orders You to Stop Smoking

If you smoke, most doctors will tell you to quit, as they should. Stop smoking hypnosis is one of the best ways to follow doctor's orders. You can try self hypnosis on your own or with tapes or CDs. However, if the doctor says you already have a smoking-related disease and must quit immediately, find a qualified hypnotist who is also a psychologist or medical doctor.

How can I get over the idea that I don't want to think I will never smoke again?

Take It One Day at a Time

If you feel uncomfortable about the idea of sudden, permanent change, it may be easier for you to quit smoking through hypnosis if you take it one day at a time. Instead of using a stop smoking hypnosis suggestion such as: "I am a permanent nonsmoker," use "Today I am a nonsmoker." Use this every day and it has the same result of permanent change.

How can I use a positive suggestion about not smoking?

Being a Nonsmoker

Generally, hypnosis and self hypnosis suggestions are positive. Smoking poses a difficulty in constructing suggestions or scripts, because it is something you want not to do. The subconscious reacts better to positive suggestions in which it doesn't have to filter out the negative words. Rather than saying, "I will not smoke cigarettes," tell yourself, "I am a nonsmoker." Then your subconscious will register this positive suggestion.

I don't smoke at work any more because it is not allowed, but I still have an urge to smoke after eating and at other times. How can I quit?

Habit or Addiction?

Smoking is considered to be an addiction, but for some people it seems to be more of a habit. They smoke at certain times, but can forego smoking without problems when it is banned. The habit can be as hard to break as the addiction. Stop smoking hypnosis will work for either smoking addictions or smoking habits. Use tapes or CDs, or consider consulting a qualified professional hypnotist.

Should I taper off cigarettes or just quit?

Should I Taper Off?

Some people can taper off or smoke less, but for most, you smoke or you don't. Decide you are going to quit through hypnosis. Set a day when you are going to quit, smoke more than usual for a couple of days before, then throw away your cigarettes and seriously use your stop smoking hypnosis tapes or CDs.

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