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Is weight loss hypnosis really effective?

How Effective Is Weight Loss By Hypnosis?

Weight loss by hypnosis is generally widely believed to be an effective tool for limited weight loss when combined with other forms of treatment like modified diet and exercise programs. Hypnosis is a relatively new weight loss method that is only now being fully researched in terms of its long-term effectiveness. Ongoing clinical research has been documented in such professional publications as The Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. Studies to date seem to indicate that hypnosis does help to provide assistance in learning positive eating behaviors -- and that support lasts a lifetime.

Do I have to exercise to lose weight?

Exercise for Weight Loss

Although you can lose weight with just dieting, research has shown that you are much more likely to keep the weight off if you exercise regularly. At minimum, you should do the equivalent of walking 45 minutes (not necessarily all at once), five days a week. Hypnosis weight loss tapes and CDs incorporate instructions on exercise as an aid to weight loss.

How do I choose a hypnotherapist for my weight loss hypnosis?

Who Is Qualified To Administer Weight Control Hypnosis?

When considering weight control hypnosis, the single most important thing to remember when looking for a qualified hypnotherapist is that no practitioner should only have a CHT (Certified Hypnotherapist) after his/her name. In addition to a CHT, a practitioner of weight control hypnosis should also have some indication s/he is a licensed health care practitioner. Licensed health care professionals usually have seven to nine years of university coursework, supervised training in internship and/or residency programs, and their hypnosis training is in addition to their health care training. Also: Be sure that hypnotherapists have PhDs from accredited institutions. An accredited university has certain standards their graduates must meet to be licensed mental health professionals

How can I stop eating the high calorie foods I like?

Substitute Good Food for Bad

When you are doing weight loss hypnosis, give yourself suggestions that will have you substituting better food choices for the high calorie foods you are probably eating. Suggest that you will have pasta with tomato sauce instead of meat sauce, fruit instead of french fries, sherbet instead of ice cream, or a sandwich with lean roast beef or veggies instead of a cheeseburger. Personalize your suggestion to work on the specific foods you need to cut back on or cut out of your diet.

Can I use audio hypnosis to lose weight?

Weight Loss By Audio Hypnotherapy

A specific method of receiving the benefits of weight loss by hypnotherapy is through the use of audio tapes and CDs. Once your hypnotherapist has decided self-hypnosis will work for your weight loss program, these guides give you the freedom to continue your work on your own time! With this method, trained hypnotherapists have pre-recorded guided sessions that you can use on your own for private sessions at home, during travel, or even in your office. Audio hypnotherapy is certainly an empowering way to take control of your own physical health.

How can I lose 10 pounds?

Seeing Your Weight

Here's a visualization that works if you want to lose 20 pounds or less. As part of your hypnosis weight loss, relax and just visualize the number of the weight you want to attain. Let's say it's 150. You can visualize "150" in big numbers, with whatever embellishments you like. Do this several times a day. It will reinforce your goal in a light, non-threatening way. If you can make this work for larger weight loss, do it, but you have to keep re-programming yourself.

How does weight loss hypnosis work?

How Hypnosis Works Toward Weight Loss

Many hypnotherapists believe that weight problems are a symptom rather than a cause. During weight loss hypnosis, hypnotherapists help you tap into your own subconscious to address possible causes for weight gain. Just a few of these are: emotions toward food, negative body image, improper nutrition, and lack of exercise. When using hypnosis as part of a weight loss program, it's important to remember that you are performing active problem solving. The hypnotherapist will give you positive stimulation and mental imagery to assist you, but when you engage in weight loss hypnosis, you're actually effecting the reversal of your own learned behavior patterns!

What is involved in achieving weight loss?

Three Aspects of Weight Loss

Weight loss requires multiple approaches. There are three aspects to consider if you have a problem with weight control. The first is diet and calorie control. The second is exercise, which is essential to lasting weight loss. The third is the mental aspect, which is important because weight problems often lead to a lack of self esteem, and also because there are so many temptations that can weaken your resolve regarding the first two aspects. Hypnosis can be used to work on the mental aspect, which in turn influences your adherence to diet and exercise.

Are there alternative weight loss programs out there?

Using Hypnosis To Lose Weight

In the quest to get fit, have you ever considered using hypnosis to lose weight? Hypnosis alone can't create a perfect body. However, it has been proven to be an effective tool for moderate weight loss. When combined with behavioral weight management programs, hypnosis can help you to lose weight, by gently training you break old patterns that may have caused the weight gain in the first place!

I always try all the new diets. Is hypnosis another diet?

Trying All the Diets

The publicity for the new diet books and programs is convincing. Often, the programs are associated with celebrities you respect. Many offer miraculous results. Many people who have been trying to lose weight for a long time say they have "tried everything," that is, all the diets. With some people, it becomes something of a hobby to try all the new diets, and often there is some fun or interesting aspect to them. Clearly, none of them work or the individuals wouldn't keep trying the new ones. When you decide to lose weight through weight loss hypnosis, you must be ready to give up trying all the diets. When you find hypnosis works for you, you will have the self confidence you need to stop experimenting with diets.

How can I stop eating so much junk food?

Dealing With Junk Food

Junk food is easily available and inexpensive. Dr. Kelly Brownell of Yale calls it the toxic food environment. If you really like junk food, or if you just eat it too often because of convenience, you should deal with it in your weight loss hypnosis. It's best to be specific. Put yourself in a state of hypnosis (trance) and tell yourself "pizza tastes bad," or "fried chicken is just grease," or whatever addresses your problem. Then repeat the phrase whenever you feel tempted to have your problem food, and soon you won't want it any more. If you are working with a hypnotist, make sure to tell him or her what your problems with junk food are.

Should my body image change when I am losing weight?

Body Image

Work on your body image along with weight loss hypnosis. Use visualization to see yourself a little smaller each week, until you see yourself meeting your ultimate weight loss goal. Don't forget to include the results of your exercising to show muscle tone. Your self confidence will improve as you see yourself draw closer to the body you have visualized.

Will hypnosis work with any diet?

Fad Diets

Stay away from fad diets. Hypnosis weight loss won't help you in the long run if your diet is bad. You need to eat a balanced diet but control your calories. Hypnosis then will help you stay on that diet and succeed with your weight loss goals. Tell your hypnotist if you are changing your diet.

Does hypnosis really work for weight loss?

Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a proven way to achieve lasting weight loss. A task force of the American Psychological Association stated that hypnosis was a valid treatment for obesity, to be used in conjunction with other treatments.

Why do I always regain the weight I lose with a new diet?

Is Weight Loss Really Hard?

It is not hard to lose weight. It is hard to keep it off. Many unhealthy diets lead to quick weight loss, but are not good in the long run. Always regaining weight can be discouraging and damage your self esteem. A hypnotist may work with you, then have you continue to work with tapes or CDs so that you adjust your attitude and dietary practices over time. Don't expect magic from weight loss hypnosis. Do expect positive results.

What should I do if I just can't stop overeating?

Stop Overeating with Weight Loss Hypnosis

While the idea of a quick-fix starvation diet might seem appealing, that will just result in later regaining the lost weight and more. You need a more gradual approach, possibly including an analysis of why you eat so much. If your weight problem is severe, you should consult a qualified hypnotherapist. If you are definitely overweight, but not severely so, you can get results from a hypnosis CD.

Can hypnosis help with anorexia?

Eating Disorders

If you have an eating disorder, or think you may, you need to seek professional help. First, see your doctor for a referral to a professional who specializes in eating disorders, and ask if it would be appropriate for you to also see a hypnotherapist. Anorexia, bulemia, and other eating disorders are serious threats to your health. A hypnotherapist as part of your team will be very helpful in helping to restore your self esteem.

What kind of weight loss goals should I set for myself when using hypnosis?

Setting Goals

Even when using hypnosis for weight loss, it is best to set reasonable, short-term goals for yourself. You can incorporate a goal of losing, say, 10 percent of your weight, into your hypnosis program, using that in your suggestions and visualizations. Your self esteem will improve as you reach that goal, and you will be ready to set your next one. Setting a large, long-term goal can take so long to reach that it can be discouraging.

Do I have to quit Weight Watchers if I use hypnosis for weight loss?

Hypnosis and Weight Loss Programs

Hypnosis works very well in conjunction with reasonable programs such as Weight Watchers. Hypnosis will give you the self confidence to start such a program as well as help you stick with the program if you are already enrolled.

How can I learn to eat right?

Working With a Dietician

If you need help learning what and how much to eat, look for a registered dietician (RD)or nutritionist with a college degree to complement your weight loss hypnosis. Many people who call themselves nutritionists may be promoting certain supplements or diets that have no scientific basis. Don't rely on testimonials from people who claim to have lost a lot of weight. Your dietician and your hypnotherapist can work together to give you lasting weight loss success.

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