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How do I give myself a hypnotic suggestion?

Using Sample Scripts

This section consists of some sample scripts. You can use all or parts of them or use none and write your own. You will probably want to personalize your script in any case. Each sample script contains a possible key word. These samples are to give you an idea of how a script should read. They are fairly short. That's what works for me, but you can make yours as long as you want. There is a lot of flexibility here. I try not to be too authoritarian, because I know that different things work for different people. Use what you want. Create the rest. Experiment and trust your instincts. Self-hypnosis helps you get in touch with them.

The script is the suggestion in a form to be delivered. If you're recording your self-hypnosis tape, or working with a partner, you can expand the script to contain the induction, relaxation, and deepening as well.

If you are using the key word version, just practice the induction, relaxation, and deepening without worrying about the exact words. It will come automatically. Remember, hypnosis is a natural state. It will all come together for you.

The elements of your self-hypnosis session are induction, relaxation, deepening, suggestion (script), visualization, and trance termination. Yes, I said that before, plus preparation.

If using a recording, when you get to visualization, just say: See yourself as a nonsmoker, or whatever successful completion of your goal is. Note that you can speak to your subconscious in either first or second person, whatever feels most natural.

If using the key word approach, after saying the key word to yourself, sit quietly letting your script reach your subconscious, then when you're ready, visualize yourself having reached your goal. Count yourself back to full awareness with your trance termination, and you're good to go.

How can I lose weight?

Weight Loss

We cover the multi-faceted nature of lasting weight loss in the common uses section of this book. Please read that through, if you haven't already. Here's the sample self-hypnosis script for weight loss.

I am losing weight gradually and healthfully. I maintain my successful weight loss and lose a little more each week. I feel better and look better every day. I enjoy exercise. I love eating healthful meals. My body tells me how much to eat, and I stop when I have had enough. I see myself slim and healthy. I can see my current goal weight before I eat. I make good food choices and eat nutritious low-fat meals with lots of vegetables. I am confident I am reaching the weight that is best for my body.

Key word: use slim, slender, or lean. Please don't use thin or skinny. You don't want to go too far in the other direction.

How is self-hypnosis used in sports performance?

Sports Performance

Let's review the mental aspects of sports that can be improved with self-hypnosis: concentration, self-confidence, determination, rehearsal. Rehearsal has to do with getting ready for an event. You anticipate what will be required and visualize what you will do.

Here is an example of a suggestion to use during practice.

On the golf driving range, I grip my driver with my favorite overlapping grip. I set up the ball. I take a practice swing, then address the ball. I am perfectly focused. I see myself hitting a long, straight drive. As I begin my swing, my backswing follows a perfect arc. I take a perfect swing. The club head contacts the ball solidly. I follow all the way through, and keep my head down until the swing is complete. I look up and see the ball land and enjoy having hit a perfect drive.

In this case you can use perfection, because you have to visualize a perfect drive to come as close as you can. Besides using these suggestions when you are practicing self-hypnosis, use the key word before your practice session, and on each tee during a game. Here is a variation to use when you are actually playing.

I take my practice swing, then step up to the tee. I tee up my ball. I study the fairway and see the best path for my ball. I am confident and relaxed. I see myself hitting a perfect drive that lands in the best spot on the fairway. I am perfectly focused as I address the ball. As I begin my swing, my backswing follows a perfect arc. I take a perfect swing. The club head contacts the ball solidly. I follow all the way through, and keep my head down until the swing is complete. I look up and see the ball land right where I aimed it.

Key word: perfect swing

Can I use self-hypnosis for everyday problems?

Everyday Problems

One of the nice things about self-hypnosis is that you can use it for those everyday, annoying problems. You don't want those things to build up. And you don't want to be annoyed.

Have trouble finding your keys? Try this one.

I always put my keys on the key rack when I come home. When I am at home, the keys remain on the key rack unless I am using them. I always know where my keys are. I instantly find my keys when I need them. I always replace my keys on the rack. The key rack is the place for the keys to be. When I finish using my keys, they go back on the rack. I always find my keys when I need them. I find my keys on the key rack at home. When I get home I replace my keys on the rack. I always find my keys easily.

Key word: keys

Of course, if you use a key dish instead of a key rack, change your suggestion to reflect that.

How can I use self-hypnosis to improve my diet?

Healthy Eating

Make sure you know about healthy eating before you use self-hypnosis to improve your eating habits. You don't want to use self-hypnosis to stick with an unhealthy, fad diet, let alone a string of fad diets.If you are going to Weight Watchers or another long-term program that has a history of success, you can use self-hypnosis to help you stick to the program.

The key to healthy eating is to make the right choices. This script is based on that. Use it if you want to lose weight or keep your weight stable. Some changes are necessary if you want to gain weight.

I always choose healthy food. I prefer food that is low in fat. I choose food that is high in fiber. I love vegetables and eat them whenever I can. I eat two or three fruits every day. I make sure I eat low-fat protein sources. I prefer whole grains and unprocessed carbohydrates. I choose food that has little added suger. When I eat out, I choose healthful foods. Desserts are for special occasions. I take small portions of all my foods. I stop eating when I am full. I eat slowly so I can enjoy the flavors. Eating good, healthful food makes me feel great. I eat three meals and two healthful snacks every day. I do not eat after eight o'clock at night. I choose vegetables that are a variety of colors. I use low-calorie salad dressing. I eat vegetables first. I love eating healthful, low-fat food.

Key word: healthy eating

Can I use self-hypnosis to get myself to stick with exercise?

Sticking with Exercise

You know exercise is good for you, but it's often difficult to make time for it. Self-hypnosis can help you do that. Here's a sample script for walking 30 minutes a day.

I walk for 30 minutes every day. I look forward to my walk. I enjoy it immensely. It makes me feel great to walk every day. I know I am becoming healthier by walking. I feel energetic because I walk every day. I am invigorated after my walk. I set aside 30 minutes every day for walking. I adjust my schedule to make time for walking. I schedule my walks. Walking helps me control my weight. My heart if stronger. Exercise is part of my day. I wear comfortable clothing and good walking shoes. I am aware of my surroundings and always walk carefully. I enjoy the scenery. I enjoy seeing my neighbors. Some of my neighbors feel motivated to walk by seeing me. Walking improves my life every day.

Key word: walking

If there is a day when you have a good reason not to walk, just override this with a self-hypnosis session that makes an exception for that day. Use something like "I skip walking today but resume walking 30 minutes tomorrow." If you're not currently exercising, get yourself walking first (if that's what you choose), then do another suggestion to get yourself to the gym twice a week or practicing yoga every other day, or whatever else you want to do.

Can hypnosis be used to heal injury?

Healing Injury

Injuries are inevitable in sports, and in everyday life. Although self-hypnosis does not substitute for medical care, it does have uses in healing injury.

Self-hypnosis can also help prevent injury by promoting concentration, stress relief, and correct technique in sports and exercise, and even activities like gardening.

If you have, say, a badly sprained ankle, you can promote healing with progressive hypnosis. The progressive approach has to do with the phrasing of the suggestion so that it address an ongoing effect. Here is an example.

My ankle is getting better every day. The ligaments are healing. The nerves and blood vessels are returning to normal. The pain in my ankle subsides as the ankle heals. I apply ice to my ankle every day. I elevate my ankle when I am seated. My ankle is getting stronger. My ankle is quickly retruning to normal strength and flexibility. I do my ankle exercises. My ankle improves constantly and heals quickly.

Key word: healing

Be sure you change your suggestion to keep up with the healing process. There is no need to talk about pain if there is no longer pain. If you no longer need to ice the ankle, take that out. You can be more specific about your exercises and put in how much you will walk when that is appropriate.

Self-hypnosis can also help recovery from disease. Just use the same approach, and say that you are getting better and that the treatment you are receiving is working. Emphasize that you are optimistic and feel better each day. A positive attitude will aid your recovery.

How can I increase my self-confidence?


Use a suggestion like this to enhance your self-confidence.

I am in control of my life. I easily organize my priorities and handle every challenge. I take time as I need it to resolve my problems. I choose my projects so I always complete them successfully. I am relaxed and focused at all times. Problem solving is easy and fun for me. I set priorities and schedule my activities so I can enjoy my success. I stay centered and focused when I am working and studying. I make time to enjoy family and friends. I choose activities I enjoy. I am creative. I am productive. I remain stress free. New ideas are fascinating to me. I am creative. New ideas stimulate my creativity. I easily meet every challenge and grow daily in my self-esteem. I am more confident every day. I complete my projects successfully and on time. My creativity increases. I enjoy helping others. I am kind and cheerful. I am becoming a better person.

Key word: confidence

Can self-hypnosis help me get over fear of public speaking?

Public Speaking

Public speaking unease is so common it may qualify as an everyday problem. You may have read about the survey that showed public speaking to be the #2 thing people are afraid of, with #1 as being burned alive. If you expand fear of public speaking to include speaking in meetings and large classes, as well as standing in front of a group of people who may be hanging on your every word, it is common indeed. Self-hypnosis can help you get over fear of public speaking. It worked for me and it can work for you. Try this script.

I enjoy speaking in front of a group. I am relaxed and my mind is sharp. I feel a rapport with the audience. I enjoy making eye contact and speaking directly to someone. I welcome questions. I know I am helping people by sharing my knowledge, and it makes me feel good. Public speaking is fun. I enjoy myself and look forward to my next opportunity. I easily connect with the group. I accept energy from the audience. The audience likes me and enjoys my talk. I am relaxed and invigorated as I deliver my speech. Ideas come to me effortlessly. I always say the right thing. I improve my skills with each talk I give. Public speaking is enjoyable and fulfilling.

Key word: speaking

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