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How can I improve my sex life with erotic hypnosis?

Improving Your Sex Life With Hypnosis

Face it: sex can be scary. Sure, it feels good, but when you become intimate with another human being, you can become emotionally vulnerable. As a result, it is not uncommon for many of us to "hold back" when engaged in lovemaking. Erotic hypnosis can assist in training you to lower any anxiety you might have concerning sex. Also, it can heighten your sensual involvement in order to help you be fully present while engaging in lovemaking.

Is erotic hypnosis the same as tantric sex?

Erotic Hypnosis and Tantric Sex

Almost all of us have heard of "tantric sex." Allegedly, such celebrities as Sting and Madonna practice this form of sexual meditation that purports to give hour-long orgasms and the like. In reality, tantra is not about sex, but about the uniting of masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves. However, studies have proven that complete mental submersion in the act of making love does cause a trance-like state in individuals. This, in effect, qualifies focused lovemaking as a form of erotic hypnosis.

Isn't hypnosis a theme in some erotica?

Erotica and Hypnosis

A very popular subgenre of erotica is called "erotic mind control." About as far from reality as hypnosis can get, it typically involves a man or woman gaining control of an impressionable person and mentally seducing him/her to be a love slave. What is unique about this type of literature is that very rarely is any sex involved in the stories. Instead, the richness of text is in the detailed descriptions of the hypnosis techniques themselves and the effects they have on their "victims"!

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